Autism 101 No such thing as disabilities, only different abilities!

August 04, 2017

Autism 101 No such thing as disabilities, only different abilities!

I must thank Eric for putting it together, as it describes and breaks down the understanding and giving basic facts on the stats and the neurological type breakdown of Autism globally Autism 101

A simple neurodiversity-based explanation [image of head with brain]
what is autism?

Autism is type of brain wiring (neurological type) that processes information differently than typical brains do.
[image of head with abstract wiring pattern]
This means that autistic thought patterns, sensory perceptions, social interactions, language processing, and emotional regulation all develop differently than those of people who are not autistic.
Modern societies operate in ways that often disadvantage autistic people, which makes autism a developmental disability.

who is autistic?

[image of globe]
About 1-2% of the world's population is autistic.
Many populations are under-diagnosed, but autistic people are everywhere!

[image of birthday cake]
People of all ages are autistic.
Though people usually talk about autistic children, autistic adults need support too.
[image of three people with varying skin tones and hairstyles]
Autistic people are found across all genders, races, and nationalities.
Boys are diagnosed more often than other genders, but that doesn't mean they are more likely to be autistic.
Everyone is NOT a little autistic, but everyone is human, so we have lots in common!

Credited and contribution by Erin Human thanks again and a fellow steemit member noted No such thing as disabilities, only different abilities! 

Hope you find the above informative
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