Important Tip Save Money and be Creative

August 22, 2016

Important Tip Save Money and be Creative

Autism can break the bank fact.....this is a very expensive rollercoaster of a ride to be on, believe me, you will be counting the cents and running a tight budget, things can get carried away fast unless you have a trust fund stuck away.

So tip No1 - Be creative in sourcing your kid's toys and sensory applications that you will use, yes some need to be bought but if you just use your noggin and be creative you could save yourself some money.

Came across a blog run by Dyan a Canadian mother who son is on the spectrum and man did her ideas blow me away, her blog started in February 2013 after many requests from moms & friends to start blogging about the different activities that she does with her boys so that they too could start expanding their playtime with their children. However, the blog has evolved into a hub of hyperlexia, autism, and sensory resources after my son was diagnosed with hyperlexia, hypernumeracy, and autism.

Again before you run out to buy something first research it and see if you can not set it up on your own.

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Disclaimer and it's easy, we are not psychologist or any kind of specialist we are Parents with life experience sharing it with the hope it might be of assistance, so please consult your specialist for an expert opinion.
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